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Bonito Flakes are Nutritious

In the last blog post, we introduced the ways you can use bonito flakes and some recipes. Today, we'll introduce the nutrition facts and benefits (health effects) of bonito flakes.

Nutrition facts per 3.5oz. / 100g of dried bonito flakes

Bonito flakes are made from fish meat and have 2.6oz. / 75.7g of protein. They have 0oz. / 0g of dietary fiber, so the amount of carbohydrates and sugars are the same: 0.01oz. / 0.4g each. It contains 0.0003oz. / 9mg of iron and 0.001oz. / 37.4mg of niacin. It also contains 0.01oz. / 500mg of the fatty acid DHA and 0.003oz. / 86mg of EPA. Compared to the regular bonito flakes, the DHA and EPA levels are higher in Ninben's bonito flakes that we offer. They also include the total of 1.3oz. / 39.3g essential amino acids. There are many more types of nutrition that are efficient in the bonito flakes.

Benefits (health effects) of bonito flakes

  • Efficacy in making the body easier to lose weight

  • Metabolism promotion

  • Fat burning promotion

  • Benefits that make the body less prone to disease and injury

  • Reduction of blood pressure

  • Improvement of blood flow

  • Reduction of elevated blood sugar level

  • Boost of the immune system

  • Bone strengthening

  • Efficacy in alleviating physical and mental fatigue

  • Fatigue relief

  • Stress relief

  • Elevation of spirit

  • Efficacy to keep youthfulness

  • Anti-aging

  • Skin beautifying effects

  • Other Benefits

  • Detoxification

  • Activation of brain cells

Bonito flakes are surprisingly useful and nutritious, aren't they? We hope our blog posts made you want to try some in your dishes!


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