Bamboo Charcoal: Overview and Uses

Here at Maido we are happy to announce a new addition to our housewares and personal care section: Bamboo Charcoal!

What is bamboo charcoal?

Our bamboo charcoal is a form of activated charcoal made by carbonizing the hollow stems of Asian timber bamboo in ovens at temperatures ranging from 600-1200 degrees Celsius. Rather than being used as fuel, as other forms of charcoal typically are, bamboo charcoal is used in Japan for other, more supportive aspects of daily life. Bamboo is a naturally porous material, and this porousness lends itself especially well to the activation process. Bamboo charcoal has an exceptionally high surface area and works extremely well as a purifier, deodorizer, and dehumidifier.

How can I use bamboo charcoal in my home?

Deodorizing and Humidity Regulation

The simplest application for bamboo charcoal in the home is as a deodorizer and air purifier. Simply leave your bamboo charcoal out in a basket or a bowl in the corner of the room and let it do its work. The porousness of the charcoal will allow it to absorb any unpleasant odors, along with any excess moisture in the air. As a bonus, any humidity absorbed by the charcoal will be naturally released later, when the air is drier, resulting in a regulatory effect! Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and areas with pets, bamboo charcoal is a great way to freshen up your space without having to open windows to the weather outside.

Freshen Flower Arrangements

Adding a small piece of bamboo charcoal to your vase will help your flowers last longer! Bamboo charcoal absorbs ethylene gas whis is emitted by flowers once they have been cut, and accelerates their aging process. The reduced exposure to ethylene gas keeps flowers looking fresher and brighter.

For Pets?

Try mixing some powdered bamboo charcoal in with your cat’s litter to improve the smell, or mix it into the substrate of terrariums, cages and fish tanks to create a cleaner, more purified environment for smaller animal friends like reptiles, hamsters and birds. Bamboo charcoal is safe for pets, so if they accidentally ingest some, they will be totally fine. For fish, add 3.5 oz of bamboo charcoal to every 100 fl oz of water to help keep it clean and energize your fish and their plants with its mineral content!

Water Purification and Cooking?


Don’t like the taste of your local tap water? Understandable, as tap water is often heavily treated with chlorine and other chemicals to make it safe to drink, unfortunately impacting the flavor. To purify your drinking water and give it a clean and refreshing taste, try adding 10 oz of bamboo charcoal to every 17.5 fl oz of water in a large pitcher. The bamboo charcoal will absorb the unpleasant flavors from tap water treatment while the minerals stored within the bamboo itself will permeate the water, both bolstering the purity of the water while simultaneously drastically improving the flavor. The charcoal can be kept in the pitcher and re-used for about two weeks, though its mineral content will begin to decrease after about ten days.