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Baby Star Ramen

New, at Maido is Baby Star Ramen! A snack whose popularity goes back to the mid-twentieth century in Japan, Baby Star Ramen represents a different take on food that we, here in America, already know and love-- instant ramen. Baby Star Ramen is made of the same crunchy, fried noodles that are found in a nondescript block form inside our favorite instant ramen packs. However, these noodles have been seasoned and broken up into bite-sized pieces so they can be enjoyed as-is straight out of the bag. The result is a snack that has the great taste of ramen broth combined with a fun and crispy shape. With the power of both of these elements, Baby Star Ramen is devilishly addictive-- just one bite is enough to make you want to eat the whole bag in a sitting. We currently have three flavors in stock to choose from: garlic, classic chicken, and spicy. Get your crunch on, and be sure to grab a bag of Baby Star Ramen on your next trip to Maido for groceries and other essentials!

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