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5 Reasons Why Homemade Miso is Good for Your Body and Health

There are five great things about homemade miso.

1. You can adjust the taste and amount to your and your family's liking

Miso is a food with very strong vernacular and regional characteristics. By ingredients, there are rice miso, barley miso, soybean miso, and mixed miso. By flavor, there are sweet miso, dry miso, medium-hot miso, and sweet miso. By color, there are red, light, and white. By region, there are Shinshu miso, Sendai miso, Echizen miso, Echigo miso, Sanuki miso, and various regional brewing and manufacturing methods. There are also miso that have been aged for three months, half a year, a year, or more than a year - it's hard to find a seasoning or food with as many varieties as miso. This makes people's tastes vary widely. Among such a wide variety of miso, the probability of finding the perfect one for you is small. Handmade miso allows you to adjust your taste preferences as you like. And you can adjust the amount and maturation period to suit you and your family's lifestyle. This can only be done with your family's homemade miso.

2. The sense of accomplishment that comes from making homemade miso

After boiling soybeans and mixing koji, soybeans, and salt, the finished miso has a sense of accomplishment. Making miso in this way is not only creating a product, but also creating the source of life with some ingredients, and when you finish making miso, you'll feel a pleasant sense of fatigue and accomplishment.

3. It becomes an annual event for the family interaction

Making homemade miso by yourself is great, but try making it with your family or friends. Working on something together with your loved ones will bring about conversation and smiles, and build relationships through quality time. Also, if you make it an annual event, it can be a place for family bonding and contact. It produces a high-quality seasoning and makes daily cooking and miso soup more enjoyable. It also can be an opportunity to demonstrate the hard work of mashing and mixing soybeans, being relied upon and trusted by the family. You'll surely have the valuable experience of making food. And it'll certainly increase the opportunities to have family meals together.

4. It's a great way to learn how to appreciate food, and is suitable for food education

There are many people suffering from hunger in the world. Can you imagine the pain of hunger? Food is an act of receiving life, and it'd be better if there were no leftovers. We know this in our heads, but we don't often realize how much we appreciate food, do we? This is where "homemade miso" comes in.

For children, it's a chance to realize what food is. It's also an opportunity for children to realize what food is. Often, there are cases where the percentage of leftover food at school lunch is reduced by holding "homemade miso classes" at elementary schools and other schools and explaining the importance of food. Food education is very important in terms of nurturing the body and mind. Homemade miso has full of basic ideas and approaches to food education.

In addition, even if you make homemade miso, you can't eat it right away. You're required to believe in miso and wait for it. In today's world, people are always looking for ways to improve production efficiency and shorten production time, but brewing miso slowly and deliberately is also very meaningful.

5. You can eat authentic homemade miso

In today's world, food has become more and more profit-oriented and production-efficient, but the best tasting miso is homemade miso.

Why is homemade miso better than miso made by professionals? Aside from the technical aspect, it's because it's filled with a lot of love in terms of spirit.

You can't see the koji bacteria that brews miso. However, it makes miso. Because the koji bacteria are invisible to the eye, you can feel the invisible emotions and heart of the miso maker through miso making. The miso topped with such feelings will be the most delicious miso in the world.


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