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4/2-14 Sakura Sale Part 2

Hello everyone. We have introduced you to our spring sale called Sakura Sale earlier this week. Exciting news! We actually have more items on sale, so we will introduce them in this newsletter. Some of the sale items are on sale for $1 ($1 items might be sold out soon, so they are not listed here), so be sure to check them out.

We will be holding this sale to Sunday, April 14th, the last day of Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival in West Fairmount Park. You can even stop by before or after you go to the festival. Do not miss out this great opportunity to stock up the Japanese items at your home!

Asahi, Calpico, Original

Asahi, Calpico, Mango

Asahi, Calpico, White Peach

Asahi, Calpico, Melon

Asahi, Calpico, Lychee

Calpico is a refreshing drink with a fresh flavor created from freshly squeezed Japanese milk and the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria and yeast that have been passed down for 100 years. It is a globally popular beverage that aims not only for physical health but also for mental health, symbolized by the smiles that its delicious taste brings.

Calbee, Jagarico, Original

Calbee, Jagarico, Umami Seaweed

Calbee, Jagarico, Sukiyaki

Calbee, Jagarico, Hokkaido Butter

Jagarico are potato-based snacks that have been manufactured and marketed by Calbee since 1995. They are made by shaping potatoes that have been once blanched into thin sticks and deep-frying them. The unique crunchy and crispy texture and a variety of flavors make them popular, especially among children and young people. It is a signature product of Calbee.

Just hearing the names of these flavors, it is easy to see how delicious they are, isn't it? Once you try them, you will be addicted. Try them and find your favorite flavor!

Shirakiku, Sanshoku Dango Sweet Cake

Shirakiku, Mitarashi Dango Sweet Cake

Shirakiku, Koshian Dango Sweet Cake

Dango are traditional Japanese sweets often eaten with green tea and other drinks.

Sanshoku Dango have three different colors of dango (pink, white, and green) on one skewer. Commonly called Hanami Dango, they are attractive for their bright colors and slightly sweet taste. They are especially popular in spring, as eating them is a great way to experience the season.

Mitarashi Dango are covered with sauce made from shoyu, sugar, and potato starch. The sweet and savory sauce is addictive. They are the most popular type of dango.

Koshian Dango are topped with a smooth paste of azuki beans called koshian. Koshian goes well with dango. Dango topped with koshian are just as popular as Mitarashi Dango, and are well-known as a wagashi traditional Japanese sweet.

Each package comes with three skewers.

Meiji, Meltyblend Premium Cacao

Meiji, Meltyblend Fruity Strawberry

Meltyblend is a chocolate that melts in your mouth like snow. It instantly relaxes you, fills your heart, and wraps you in tenderness.

The melt-in-your-mouth quality is achieved by Meiji's proprietary technology that controls the melting point of fats and oils. The aroma and taste of chocolate are more easily perceived when it melts. Meltyblend melts faster than ordinary chocolate and melts as soon as it enters the mouth. This is why you can enjoy its incredible aroma and rich taste.

In addition, it is said that the human tongue is generally limited to a particle size of about 20 μm, so Meiji has created a chocolate with a smooth texture by atomizing the chocolate finely.

Each piece of chocolate is individually wrapped.

Hapi, Frosted Cookie Sticks Popping Candy

Hapi, Frosted Cookie Sticks Cookie Crunch

Are you craving a sweet crunchy treat that will take your taste buds on a wild ride? These cookie sticks are the perfect snacks for any occasion - made with delicious ingredients, dipped in frosting, and topped with popping candy/cookie crunches for an extra kick of flavor!

There are three individually wrapped cookie sticks inside each box.


There is a lot of food items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Happy shopping. :)


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