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4/13-14 Cherry Blossom Festival

Hello everyone. Have you ever heard of the word hanami? It is a Japanese cultural word that refers to going out to parks and other places to appreciate and enjoy the blooming of cherry trees.

In Japan, from the end of March to the beginning of April every year, it is customary for family, friends, and co-workers to sit on a rug under a cherry tree, drink, eat bento lunch box, sing songs, etc. to have a good time together. It can be said that the concept of the Cherry Blossom Festival came from this hanami culture.

This week, we will talk about The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival we will attend, what we will offer there, and the history and culture of hanami cherry blossom viewing in Japan, a perfect recipe for hanami, etc. Let's get started.


The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual spring celebration of Japanese arts and culture organized by Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia (JASGP), with tremendous support from title sponsor Subaru of America, Inc.

Featuring a variety of events throughout the city, this yearly festival brings a taste of Japan to Philadelphia and highlights the beauty of Japanese sakura - the flowering cherry trees that brighten city streets and parks with their distinctive pink and white blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Festival programs are scheduled throughout late March and the month of April 2024, and Sakura Weekend, the festival’s centerpiece event, will take place on Saturday, April 13rd, 10am - 5pm, and Sunday, April 14th, 10am - 4pm.

Admission to Sakura Weekend is not ticketed and is free and open to the public. Admission requirements will vary for other festival programs scheduled during March and April. Bookmark this page (click here) and check back for the latest information about all festival programs as it becomes available.

Sign up today as a volunteer for Sakura Weekend and help us make this year’s festival the best yet.


A Part of What We Will Offer

Shirakiku, Ramune, Original

Shirakiku, Ramune, Strawberry

Shirakiku, Ramune, Lychee

Shirakiku, Ramune, Blueberry

Ramune are bottled Japanese soda. They are characterized by a marble inside the bottle near the drinking spout. One of the fun parts to drink a bottle is to remove the top lid and press it to open the bottle.

Ramune were introduced to Japan when the Gunboat Diplomacy happened in 1853 (After Commodore Matthew C. Perry led the fleets with him near the end of the Edo Period, Japanese people's lifestyles and cultures have become westernized). Ramune came to Japan from England as carbonated lemonade. At that time, a bottle did not have a marble, but was closed with a cork.

In 1865, the first lemonade was produced in Japan and sold as lemon water. However, the name lemon water did not catch on, and the name ramune, which is a pun on lemonade in Japanese, took root. It is surprising that the word ramune originated from lemonade.

There are many more flavors available at our store. They are very popular at Maido.

Asahi, Calpico, Strawberry

Asahi, Calpico, White Peach

Asahi, Calpico, Lychee

Asahi, Calpico, Melon

Calpico is a refreshing drink with a fresh flavor created from freshly squeezed Japanese milk and the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria and yeast that have been passed down for 100 years. It is a globally popular beverage that aims not only for physical health but also for mental health, symbolized by the smiles that its delicious taste brings.

We will offer these four flavors at the Cherry Blossom Festival. We also carry original and mango flavors at the store.

JFC, Botan Ame Rice Candy

Botan rice candy are soft and chewy candy with an outer layer covered with an wafer sheet made of starch. When dry, the wafer sheet is transparent and plastic-like, but it melts in the mouth and can be eaten.

In 1924, exactly 100 years ago, with the growing popularity of Western confections in Japanese society, this type of candy was made to resemble Western-style caramel.

In Japan, they are sold as dagashi, candy and snacks marketed to Japanese elementary school children, but of course, they are also popular with adults. The yummy candy with bright and colorful packaging, bundled with a sticker inside, are enjoyable in many ways.

Meiji, Hello Panda, Chocolate

Meiji, Hello Panda, Strawberry

Hello Panda are bite-sized biscuits with some filling inside that is perfect for snacking. They are products of the Japanese confectionery company Meiji, which are a classic favorite in the U.S., Southeast Asia, etc. but, to your surprise, they are actually not sold in Japan. Did you know that?

The cute packaging is another reason for the popularity of these items. Also, each biscuit has a different pattern of panda on it, so it is fun to eat them while looking at them. We also sell other flavors in our store.

Koikeya, Karamucho Sticks Mini, Chili

Karamucho are spicy and delicious potato chips made from non-GMO 100% Japanese potatoes. The type sold at the Cherry Blossom Festival are a mini-sized stick version, which is not usually sold in our store.

The zesty texture of the sticks that excite your heart is addictive. Experience the spicy groove of the new age with the delicious taste of meat and vegetables and the spiciness of chili peppers.

Calbee, Shrimp Chips Mini, Original

Calbee's Shrimp Chips are long-seller that are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. They are so popular in Japan that there is no one who does not know about them, and we are selling various flavors of them at Maido. The mini version will only be offered at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Blending the savory taste of shrimp with authentic Japanese and Asian seasonings, Shrimp Chips are a healthy take on a traditional Asian snack.

Calbee, Jagarico, Original

Calbee, Jagarico, Umami Seaweed

Calbee, Jagarico, Hokkaido Butter

Calbee, Jagarico, Sukiyaki

Jagarico are potato-based snacks that have been manufactured and marketed by Calbee since 1995. They are made by shaping potatoes that have been once blanched into thin sticks and deep-frying them. The unique crunchy and crispy texture and a variety of flavors make them popular, especially among children and young people. It is a signature product of Calbee.

Just hearing the names of these flavors, it is easy to see how delicious they are, isn't it? Once you try them, you will be addicted. Try them and find your favorite flavor!

Calbee, My Pote, Garlic Herb Butter

Calbee, My Pote, Onion Soup

Calbee, My Pote, Himalayan Salt

Calbee, My Pote, White Truffle

My Pote are potato chips that are too good to share. Using only American-grown potatoes, these gluten-free and kosher-friendly potato chips are filled with unique flavors such as addicting Garlic Herb Butter, flavorful Onion Soup, simple Himalayan Pink Salt, and luxurious White Truffle. Which flavor would you like to try?

JFC, Norimaki Arare Rice Crackers

This is a snack consisting of crispy, savory soy sauce flavored arare rice crackers wrapped in nori seaweed. The arare rice cracker dough is carefully baked using glutinous rice, dipped in a special soy sauce-based sauce, and wrapped in nori.

The rich aroma of the nori, the delicious taste of the glutinous rice when you bite into it, and the lingering aftertaste of the sauce will make you want to eat another one.

Amanoya, Himemaru Rice Crackers

Himemaru are golden-hued deep-fried rice crackers in the shape of a shell. With the crunchiness with a light soy sauce flavor, this treat achieves just the right balance between sweetness and saltiness while retaining a incredibly crispy and fresh texture. The spice gives a kick in the flavor and makes this snack perfect.

This product has been selling very well at the store. It is even loved by people who are not familiar with Japanese snacks including young children.

Wel Pac, Saki Ika Prepared Squid Original

Wel Pac, Saki Ika Prepared Squid Hot

Sakiika are processed food made by seasoning, searing, drying, and then tearing the squid. It may also be stretched before being ripped open, as the stretching process makes the squid soft and tender.

Sakiika are said to have originated in Japan's movie theaters in the 1950s, where they were sold like popcorn. Once you start eating, you will want to eat them one after another, so a bag will be empty in no time. These are very popular as a nibble with beer and other drinks.

We offer the original flavor and hot flavor.

Nissin, Cup Noodles, Original

Nissin, Cup Noodles, Curry

Nissin, Cup Noodles, Seafood

We will sell not only drinks are snacks, but also instant noodles to stuff your stomach at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Nissin's Cup Noodle, which can be stored for a long time in a cup and can be eaten only three minutes after pouring hot water, has been around since 1971. When it was launched as the world's first cup noodle, it became very popular as a fashionable food for young people. The noodles have a unique smooth texture and a familiar soup.

The original flavor has the soy sauce based soup with a hint of pepper. It has seasoned minced pork, shrimp, scrambled egg, and green onion as toppings.

The curry flavor has a mild, thick soup with sweet vegetable flavor. Potatoes, minced pork, carrots, and green onions are the toppings.

The seafood flavor has a rich soup of pork and seafood. Ingredients include imitation squid, squid, crab flavored kamaboko fishcakes, scrambled eggs, cabbage, and green onions.

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Bread, Chocolate

D-Plus, Natural Yeast Bread, Hokkaido Milk

D-Plus' bread are baked moist and fluffy using germinated brown rice yeast and their original baking method. They are long-life bread with an unprecedented texture.

At the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Chocolate flavor, which is a persistent favorite among people, and the soft Hokkaido Cream flavor, which has a thin layer of paste made from Tokachi raw milk folded into the dough, will be offered.

They will be perfect as a snack or a light meal you can eat while walking around at the park. There are other flavors available at the store as well.

Onigiri Rice Balls

Do not forget. Here is our most popular item at the Cherry Blossom Festival: Onigiri rice balls, which the Maido staff works together for hours to prepare for everyone.

All of you who are reading this might know what they are already, but our onigiri are made from cooked rice formed into a triangular shape with some filling and wrapped in nori seaweed.

It is the only time of the year we make so many onigiri (literally hundreds of them!) to offer. Do not miss out on the many varieties of fillings onigiri we will be selling again this year.

We introduced our newest merch in the last newsletter, but here it is again. We will bring Maido x BAGGU reusable bag to the cherry blossom festival. It can hold approximately 50 lbs/22 kg of stuff, yet weighs only about 3 oz./80 g. It is not only light but also very thin, so you can carry it in your main bag or even in your pocket.

It will be very convenient at the festival, as you will probably get some items and carry them around throughout the day. You can come empty handed and leave with this bag with full of stuff in it.

We will also offer some other food and drinks not listed here, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba t-shirts, etc. We hope to see you at The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival. Make sure to put the dates (4/13-14) on your calendar now, so you will not miss it!


There is a lot of food items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup! Happy shopping. :)



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