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003's Deuxer Hair Wax

Our personal care department is full in stock, and offers a lot of items now. Last week, we introduced some makeup products. This week, we'll introduce some of our hair care products.

We currently carry many kinds of hair wax from different brands / lines, but you're probably not sure the difference of those products, or how to use them. We hope our blog posts help you find out which brand / line / kind is the best for you! We'll introduce 003's Deuxer hair wax today!

Deuxer Hair Wax line by 003 - one of the most popular and best selling brands of hair wax in Japan is in stock. We have Deuxer wax in 7 varieties at the store. Deuxer is a fiber wax that works to combine a smooth application with a long, all day hold. It won't flatten or collapse by the evening, and your style will stay in place. The waxes are rated 1 through 6 in terms of the strength and holding power with additional options for higher smoothness or a glossy finish. The most unique feature of the wax is its use of macadamia nut butter, which has a structure similar to the CMC of hair (see image below) that keeps hair feeling light and silky even once it's been absorbed. It doesn't weigh down the hair while providing outstanding lasting power. Currently we are only carrying strengths 3 through 6, but that still covers a wide variety of styling options. Use the following list to find out which wax is right for you!

The Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) of the hair is composed with 17 amino acids and is found in the non-keratinous region, which consolidates the cuticle, engaging this area to the cortex (the inner part of the hair) as an intercellular cement to provide strength, cohesion and elasticity to the hair in a natural way.

It has an easy-to-use, one-touch interval 1/12 turn cap. You can open and close easily even with wet hands or hands covered in the hair wax.


3 Medium Soft Wax: This is a medium hold wax with moderate hold to express overall lightness while creating movement at the hair ends.

Length: Medium

Style: Style with airy bunches of hair

3S Medium Soft Wax: It's a medium wax with a fiber texture that keeps hair light and airy with a smooth hold.

Length: Medium - Long

Style: Airy style

4 Medium Hard Wax: This medium hold wax with a fiber texture that provides a stronger setting action than the 3 while still allowing hair to have naturalistic movements once styled. It's perfect for creating separation and texture in shorter to medium length styles.

Length: Medium - Short

Style: Style that emphasizes bundles of hair

5 Hard Wax: This wax features a strong hold while still creating lift and naturalistic movement. Its strength allows for daring styles with dramatic tufting and defined edges by lifting hair by the roots. Length: Short Style: Style that maintains a 3D effect

5S Hard Smooth Wax: It's a hard wax that keeps hair smooth and creates a 3D look that isn't overly structured.

Length: Short - Medium

Style: Smooth style with a 3D feel

6 Dry Paste Wax: This wax features the strongest hold of the entire Deuxer line. It is strong enough to hold styling all day, but still flexible enough to allow for restyling if you so choose. This wax has a dry finish.

Length: Short & All Length

Style: Boyish style / Natural curl style

6G Aqua Gel Wax: It's a gel wax with a fiber texture that holds hair firmly in place while creating a wet shine. The 6g wax has all the strength of the typical 6, but with high gloss finish perfect for a dramatic, slightly wet look.

Length: Short - Medium

Style: Style with shine and strong ridge


They're here, waiting for you. :) We have a lot more hair care products and other personal care products in stock!

There is a lot more cool items, housewares, stationery, and gifts available at the store, and our online store, Maido! Kairashi Shop, where you can place your order for shipping or store pickup!

Maido! also offers online grocery shopping with options for curbside pickup and home delivery!*

*Some restrictions may apply.

Happy shopping. :)


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