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The Fusion of Japanese & Western is in MAIDO Osechi Box


Osechi Special

2 - 3 Servings | Japanese & Western | 14 Kinds of Items | 1 Layer

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The fusion of traditional Japanese dishes and modern Western dishes will give you a traditional Japanese New Years experience.


  1. Shrimp

  2. Grilled Scallop

  3. Chicken Teriyaki

  4. Smoked Salmon

  5. Roasted Beef

  6. Kazunoko (herring eggs)

  7. Seasoned Black Beans

  8. Tazukuri (dried fish)

  9. Kurikinton (chestnuts)

  10. Datemaki (sweet soft egg roll)

  11. Kohaku Kamaboko (fishcake)

  12. Kohaku Namasu (radish & carrot mix)

  13. Nishime (seasoned root vegetables)

  14. Kobumaki (kombu seaweed)

  15. Hanafu (gluten cake)


1. Shrimp

Shrimp with heads represent longevity because of its U-shape and long beard

smoked salmon.jpg

4. Smoked Salmon

A Japanese and Western fusion creates a carefully decorated salmon


2. Grill Scallop

Grilled with soy sauce, represents a bright future

Roast Beef.jpg

5. Roasted Beef

Traditional Western element to celebrate the New Year

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3. Chicken Teriyaki

Marinated in koji for a day and grilled with savory teriyaki sauce


6. Kazunoko

Kazunoko (herring eggs) represents the prosperity of descendants

7. Black Beans

Beans (mame) represents health and vitality


10. Datemaki

Made of eggs and symbolizes knowledge and extravagance

8. Tazukuri

Sweet caramelized fish represents the wish for a rich harvest


11. Kohaku Kamaboko

Red kamaboko represents charms against evil spirits while white represents purification

9. Kurikinton

Made of sweet potatoes and chestnuts with wishes of success and wealth

12. Kohaku Namasu

Shredded carrots and daikon radish are prayers for a family's happiness


13. Datemaki

A variety of vegetables represents the strengthening of family bonds

14. Kobumaki

Kombu seaweed symbolizes prosperity and longevity

15. Hanafu

Plum-shaped fu (gluten cake) is cooked with sugar and soy sauce